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  • Yulia Savine Image

    Yulia Savine

    Chief Experience Officer

  • Nash Pillai Image

    Nash Pillai

    Director of Web Development

  • Akarsh Duddu Image

    Akarsh Duddu

    Prompt Engineer & Web Developer

  • Nirav Surabhi Image

    Nirav Surabhi

    Marketing & Interactions Engineer

  • Nebai Araya Image

    Nebai Araya

    Prompting Director

  • Leo Zhang Image

    Leo Zhang

    Prompting Director

  • Rushil Desai Image

    Rushil Desai

    Prompt Engineer

  • Jacob Iwaniw Image

    Jacob Iwaniw

    Prompt Engineer

  • Shuyan Wang Image

    Shuyan Wang

    Prompt Engineer

  • Henry D'Ambrosio Image

    Henry D'Ambrosio

    Prompt Engineer

  • Ashton Layh Image

    Ashton Layh

    Marketing Specialist

  • Daniel Lee Image

    Daniel Lee

    Outreach Coordinator

  • Michael Austin Image

    Michael Austin

    Strategy Specialist

  • Elijah Bare Image

    Elijah Bare

    Cheif AI Architect